Finally! (or Voshie’s ramblings)

I am getting my blog up and running but don’t count on me to update it often, or I might every day and then 2 months later get bored and drop it all together.  I have an extremely short attention span, but hopefully I’ll keep it going even if it’s just posting randomness in my SL life (hate the term SLife).

This blog has actually been in the works going on 2 years now, and in the process lots has changed, which no one saw b/c I didn’t post any of it lol.  Needless to say that my PSing skills have improved drastically in these past years so the original layout got dumped and now I have a simple banner and nice clean lines….YAY.

One thing you will notice that when posting I won’t talk much on my blog posts as I’m the type to look at the purdy pictures and if there’s something I like, I look at the credits, so I won’t bore you (too often) with me spilling my guts or trying to think of something to write and it end up being crap.  So this blog will mostly be a pic blog, which means this blog is dedicated to you, Phoe! ❤


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