Featured Designer: Putrid Gloom

Whenever you make a purchase at Show Me on the Doll, Putrid Gloom’s shop, it is like entering a new realm. Not only do you get a beautiful, and unique creation but you are able to read some lines of poetry that transport you to the concept behind her creations. Putrid has recently revamped her store, along with many of her popular designs. I am showcasing only a tiny selection of what is on offer at Show Me on the Doll, but tried to show the versatility that Putrid‘s creations offer.

Show Me on the Doll

Show Me on the Doll 2

Look 1
Skin: Lara Skin-Cameron (old gift)
Hat: Top Hat_Nose from complete avatar Full Avatar_Mystery_MarionetteDoll [CollectorsBox]
Mask: p.c; Striped Feather Mask
Stockings: Canimal vertical stripes – black
Hair: Labieja “Dream curl” BLack (by Applonia Criss don’t know if it’s still available)
Outfit: [SMOTD] Srs Bznz Outfit – Boxed (to be released next week)
Earrings: Morantique Lush/Aqua earrings
Shoes: Gos [Docs] 8 Hole – F – NINE [bagged]

Look 2
Skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Rosie Grew Wings
Leggings: !Finc! Preppy Stripes-Pink Teal
Hair & Bow: (VW) Fashion Pop – Pink<3 (old gift)
Dress: [SMOTD] Carnie Island Baby Dress – Starstruck Green Boxed
Purse: !BF! Urban Sequin Pouches
Bracelets: (*Fierce*) – Gummi Bare Licorice Freebie
Arm Warmers: Canimal – arm warmers (small stripes) lt blue
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Rings: :+*R*+: Novellette Ring

Show Me on the Doll


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