Urban Decay

I have been really busy getting ready for DU4, and thus haven’t had much time to blog, but thought I would share a quick post before hair fair (demo group for hair is already open! and don’t forget “Wear a Bandana Day“) and DU4 hit. So be on the lookout here for teasers from both events!

Urban Decay

Skin: &Bean – Pillow Light one BB FR
Jacket: (:;S&S;:) Short Parka_Pink
Socks: +mocha+ – Short Loose Socks – Plain Dirtty [White]
Pants: Reaction Girl – Razie 3 Quarters {Black} (no longer available)
Tank: [Miseria] Hook Tank – Grey
Hair and Cap: *ARGRACE* Baseball Cap -Relaxed ponytail -Red
Gloves: !* Rebel -X- *! Stripey Gloves [Pink]
Necklace: > alaMood < d'Jango Mixed Metals – Layered Necklace (Chest)
Shoes: [Detour] Mixflip Sneakers – Pink Hearts

Location: Primitive City


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