Mini Costume Guide

While I may be into creating my own look from several different pieces, I’m discovering that most aren’t like that. They want the simplicity of having a complete look right out of the box, so to speak. Here are a few looks that I’ve put together, that with only a few add ons that are for those that still haven’t chosen a costume and don’t want to spend time (hours usually for me) on putting together a look.

Mini Costume Guide 4

Costume 1-Atomic, crazy, truth, abyss

Mini Costume Guide 3

costume 2- cake, B@R, the obscene

Mini Costume Guide 2

costume 3-tckz(celestial designs), artilleri, l.fauna

Mini Costume Guide 1

costume 4-hal*hina, 0 style, hi-rop, gos, tres blah


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