Evolution of a Skin Designer: Gala Phoenix

I have been obsessed with skins since day 1 of SL. At times it is hard to believe that I’ve already been in SL now, for almost 4 years. Over that time I’ve witnessed the evolution of many creators. One of those creators is Gala Phoenix. I purchased my very first Gala skin in Dec of ’07, and since then have been an avid Gala fan. It was my very first freckle skin that I felt had realistic freckles. She was having a sale at the time, and with money being tight for me, I was able to get away with purchasing 2 of her skins. I loved the softness the body had to it, and of course which to this day, in my opinion, the fantastic cleavage that Gala is known for.

Evolution of a Designer-  Gala Phoenix 1

3 months go by and I go to my very first skin fair. Lo and behold……Gala had come out with a new line of skins. I immediately fell in love. For some odd reason, I only purchased a couple while at the fair, and regretted not having purchased more. As it turns out, I was glad I had made those purchases because it was several months before Gala released the full line at her shop. People were berating themselves for not having gotten them at the fair, while I happily clung to my purchases. When Gala finally released her line, I went to purchase the whole line. At the time she didn’t do fatpacks, so I contacted her and begged her to do a fatpack for me. Luckily for me, she was super sweet and did a custom one for me on the spot. As she continued to release new makeups, I would contact Gala and ask for more fatpacks until I think she got tired of me (and I’m sure others) asking for them, and decided to offer them in her store.

Evolution of a Designer-  Gala Phoenix 2

After the initial flurry of the new line, it goes quiet. For months nothing was heard from Gala, and many of us wondered if she gave up creating. Finally, about a year later, Gala releases another new line with 3 new faces. Hyper-realistic, beloved cleavage; it was a match made in heaven. I snatched up the fatpacks as soon as I could click “teleport”. It turns out I wasn’t alone in my adoration of her new line. Gala has become one of the most recognizable skins on the grid. As soon as there was a Gala release, people would teleport in hordes to get it. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to see Gala emerge as the talented creator she is today. I look forward and wonder where she will take us next!

Evolution of a Designer- Gala Phoenix 3

Taxi to Curio

Hair: Maitreya Green II – Ginger
Lingerie: [Intimizzio] Kensington Notte Braziere – Wine 1


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