LookBook 2

LookBook 2

LookBook 2b

Makeup 1: *BOOM* Flatter my eyes – Blue
Makeup 2: Amacci – Katie Lips – Tattoo – 01
Skin: ~Mynerva~Bianca Bisque
Manicure: Adam n Eve Paige Manicure Berry
Dress: ::: B@R :::: Sara Blue
Hair: [CheerNo] F.Hair TEREZA [Red 8.2B]
Hairbase: *CASHMERE*Twogue Hairbase-red
Ribbons: ~Scribble~ String Theory/Gold/All T
Earrings: *KK* Circe Earring (aka MIAO)
Bracelets: MONS / Metal Bangle Antique Gold
Shoes: *Felicity* Alexa Stilettos – Gold Shoes GFR11

Location: Legion


LookBook 1

LookBook 1

LookBook 1b

Skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Cactus Pear
Makeup and Freckles: La Malvada Mujer – Twiggy eyes + fr.
Teeth: {Cara Bella} Exposed Teeth (no longer available)
Manicure: ae amanda manicure foxy
Leggings: Grixdale – Open Me – Leggings for FTLO – Natural
Shorts: [LeLutka]-YoHo shorts/cool
Blouse: “anuenue.DotDotsShirts(beige)
Hair: ::Exile:: Nomi:Roots-Nectar (new)
Cardigan: [pivaaca] -Femme- Long Bolero/Cardigan *Khaki*
Hair pins: Eclectica China Beads-hatpin with more-(Toscana)
Glasses: DECO – Soviet Sleeper Glasses Green
Bag: DUBOO*Cupcake bag
Earrings and Cuff: > alaMood < Celestial in Aged Gold Ensemble (aka MOOD)
Boots: R.icielli – OXFORD II ankleboots /green (new)
Poses: Doolally

Location: Tableau

Casual Chic

Casual Chic 1

Casual Chic 2

casual chic 3

freckles: L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Tan]
skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Porcelain – Abyss 2 FRECK
tank: Last Call Casablanca Tank Top (shirt) (no longer available)
pants: [LWL] Sack Trousers (Princeton) (ch1c’s birthday)
hair: ::Exile:: Minx:Roots-Cayenne (new!)
shoes: [eLIC]heels slot 2 Angelic Lefevre Couture (LOVE these heels)
jewelry: :Fusion: Feathered charm set [Bronze]
poses: Miamai

Location: Dimrill Dale

The love/hate game of Meeroos

When I first found out about Meeroos I was super excited. Here was finally something more than a drop a boy and a girl down, wait till they have a basket/box whatever and repeat the cycle again. This game sounded engaging, that it would actually require you to spend time, thought and energy. I am the type of person that has an EXTREMELY short attention span, if something doesn’t grab me and continually challenge me, with seeing some sort of result, I lose interest FAST. I dabbled in bunnies and kittycats, for a period of couple weeks, but grew bored fast. Sure they were cute but there was nothing more to do other than breed.

Then came along the hints of something more. Something that would require you to interact with others and your pet. I joined the group, and was lucky enough to be a part of the beta testing. From the moment I birthed my first nest, I was in love. Meeroos are the cutest lil critters out there. At the time, very little info was given to us beta testers about regard, other than (as most of us thought, which in turn was a misconception) it would ‘unlock’ traits during live game play. I couldn’t wait to get my real live, keeper ‘roos, and to get going. When the official release of the Meeroos came, I discovered that not much more information was given out about game play than what we had during beta. Now I know this is a game about discovery, but too many things are left open ended and confusing, and it seems like I’m not the only one out there. From their refusal to answer questions/blantant ignoring of questions/vague, contradictory answers, it seems that Malevay Studios is making it up as they go along and don’t know what the hell they are doing. They may have a storyline in place but it seems the basic mechanics of the game is flawed. Their refusal to address any concerns openly (they seem to be happy to chat in private to individuals while keeping the rest of their customer base in the dark), is going to cost them their business. People in general, let alone in SL, have short attention spans, and if the customer bases concerns aren’t addressed and taken seriously, then they will move on, and Malevay Studio will go the way that every other breedable company has gone. Personally I -don’t- want this to happen. I think Meeroos is a fantastic concept, but I also do believe that some things need to be explained to the public. This doesn’t stop it from not being a game of discovery…it helps US the user, have the tools to discovered hidden gems within the game, and not make this about discovering the mechanics, basic functions of the game.

My, and I believe most people’s, biggest areas that need some clarification are regard and genetics. To give a very simple example: a compatible male/female pair, 3rd generation ursine both, and both small, you would think that 95% of the time, according to genetics that they would have an small ursine baby. This is NOT the case. More often than not, it seems to be 5%, if that, that they throw a small ursine baby. I have had 2 averages breed a toy (thus you assuming that both parents have a toy recessive), and then go on to breed several mediums/larges. I can understand that they can reach back through their ancestral tree, but this wouldn’t be a regular occurrence. Also we were led to believe that with higher personal/meeroo regard, we would have a BETTER chance of breeding desirable traits. I have yet to see regard in any way play a part in my and others’ breeding. I realize that we are only a lil over a month into game play, but this is the make it or break it stage. This is the time when people either decide they want to continue on or quit. And I can say for sure, that many are leaning toward quitting if things don’t change, and some clarification. It will NOT destroy game play. The whole discovering new coats and whatnot would still be exciting. But at this stage, general game play should NOT still be in question.

I’m hoping in the near (very near) future, Malevay Studio will listen to their customer base and address their (and my) frustration, because I am very quickly losing interest and will spend my money elsewhere (most likely skins >.<)

In Color

In Color 1

In Color 2

Skin: Lara Hurley-Odette/Pale CHIC Birthday Exclusive
Freckles: Miamai_XGen Makeup_Freckles FullBody 01_Red Hair
Rings: :+*R*+: Nail Salome W
Manicure: Slink Manicure Metallic Rose
Socks: *GF* Ruffle Socks -mustard- [free sample]
Dress: .:A&M:. Smocked Dress&Shirt – Purple NEW
Hair: .: vive nine :. Elsa in Ginger CHIC Birthday Exclusive
Earrings: *LC* – Chic Earrings (LT) Plat/Diamond CHIC Birthday Exclusive
Necklace: =^^= MIAO Andel Pearl and Ribbon Necklace CHIC Birthday Exclusive
Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Rastaban
Piercing: – .HoD. – Dimpled Piercing – Ice – (F)
Cuff: [alaMood] Siddean Cuff Mother of Pearl/Silver(L)
Shoes: R.icielli TDR – OXFORD II /grape

Location: Empyreal Dreams

CHIC Management’s 1st Birthday!

Keira Seerose’s events company, CHIC Management, turns 1. Known for such great events as Culture Shock, Call for Couture, CHIC Limited and much more, Keira is celebrating in style with an event that is not to be missed. Opening on June 4th at 4 PM SLT, the designers involved is staggering (trust me on this!). The list of ALL participating designers will soon be released, but meanwhile here’s a sneak peak of a couple of the items that will be offered there!

CHIC's 1st Birthday 1

CHIC's 1st Birthday 2

Skin: CandyDoll Janett Tan Cup C (CHIC exclusive)
Hair: ::Exile:: Voodoo:Cayenne (LOVE Kavar’s new textures) (CHIC exclusive)
Shoes: [LeLutka]-MISCHA/Thrown (new release)
Jewelry: * Zibska Sy set
Lipstick/Teeth: PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Glossy Classic Red / Teeth
Dress: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Animal Print Halter Jumpsuit {Brown} (CHIC exclusive)
Poses: BENT! The Essential Pack 1 (CHIC exclusive)

Location: Africa