The love/hate game of Meeroos

When I first found out about Meeroos I was super excited. Here was finally something more than a drop a boy and a girl down, wait till they have a basket/box whatever and repeat the cycle again. This game sounded engaging, that it would actually require you to spend time, thought and energy. I am the type of person that has an EXTREMELY short attention span, if something doesn’t grab me and continually challenge me, with seeing some sort of result, I lose interest FAST. I dabbled in bunnies and kittycats, for a period of couple weeks, but grew bored fast. Sure they were cute but there was nothing more to do other than breed.

Then came along the hints of something more. Something that would require you to interact with others and your pet. I joined the group, and was lucky enough to be a part of the beta testing. From the moment I birthed my first nest, I was in love. Meeroos are the cutest lil critters out there. At the time, very little info was given to us beta testers about regard, other than (as most of us thought, which in turn was a misconception) it would ‘unlock’ traits during live game play. I couldn’t wait to get my real live, keeper ‘roos, and to get going. When the official release of the Meeroos came, I discovered that not much more information was given out about game play than what we had during beta. Now I know this is a game about discovery, but too many things are left open ended and confusing, and it seems like I’m not the only one out there. From their refusal to answer questions/blantant ignoring of questions/vague, contradictory answers, it seems that Malevay Studios is making it up as they go along and don’t know what the hell they are doing. They may have a storyline in place but it seems the basic mechanics of the game is flawed. Their refusal to address any concerns openly (they seem to be happy to chat in private to individuals while keeping the rest of their customer base in the dark), is going to cost them their business. People in general, let alone in SL, have short attention spans, and if the customer bases concerns aren’t addressed and taken seriously, then they will move on, and Malevay Studio will go the way that every other breedable company has gone. Personally I -don’t- want this to happen. I think Meeroos is a fantastic concept, but I also do believe that some things need to be explained to the public. This doesn’t stop it from not being a game of discovery…it helps US the user, have the tools to discovered hidden gems within the game, and not make this about discovering the mechanics, basic functions of the game.

My, and I believe most people’s, biggest areas that need some clarification are regard and genetics. To give a very simple example: a compatible male/female pair, 3rd generation ursine both, and both small, you would think that 95% of the time, according to genetics that they would have an small ursine baby. This is NOT the case. More often than not, it seems to be 5%, if that, that they throw a small ursine baby. I have had 2 averages breed a toy (thus you assuming that both parents have a toy recessive), and then go on to breed several mediums/larges. I can understand that they can reach back through their ancestral tree, but this wouldn’t be a regular occurrence. Also we were led to believe that with higher personal/meeroo regard, we would have a BETTER chance of breeding desirable traits. I have yet to see regard in any way play a part in my and others’ breeding. I realize that we are only a lil over a month into game play, but this is the make it or break it stage. This is the time when people either decide they want to continue on or quit. And I can say for sure, that many are leaning toward quitting if things don’t change, and some clarification. It will NOT destroy game play. The whole discovering new coats and whatnot would still be exciting. But at this stage, general game play should NOT still be in question.

I’m hoping in the near (very near) future, Malevay Studio will listen to their customer base and address their (and my) frustration, because I am very quickly losing interest and will spend my money elsewhere (most likely skins >.<)


8 thoughts on “The love/hate game of Meeroos

  1. Thank you for articulating your concern in a “bigger” format, than a small post in the community. That said, I disagree with you in most aspects. I have the information I need to know through the manual:) But I might be in minority, and will not be deeply frustrated if the creators answered your concerns.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment! I know that not all of us are feeling the same concerns, but I’m glad we are able to have a discussion civilly and be open to everyone else’s opinions 😀

  3. In SL it is easy now to pull the wool over people’s eyes because most people in SL do not have technical backgrounds. Originally with the information put out about Meeroos and the “discovery” response, I thought they needed a decent tech writer and a better business plan. Nothing has changed since beta in my opinion. I have 2 major business/ PR concerns beyond just the fact that I believe the coding is flawed.
    1) People are asking questions about Regard, and it is not being addressed publicly on the blogs
    2) The Discovery defense does not hold up to timelines. Discovering coats and how breeding works has nothing to do with the fact that Regard is useless until Oct for rewards.

    I wanted a fun game to play in SL over the summer to keep my interest in SL, since most my SL friends will be on vacation. I thought Meeroos would fit that perfectly. I am not in it to make money, I have a successful SL business that is profitable. I am in it for the fun and the game, but if I am following the rules and playing to the best of my ability and the results are completely inconsistent with that, then there is a flaw in the game. If there isn’t a flaw in the game, tell us what is going on. Referring people to Wikipedia to read up on genetics is just rude and ridiculous. This is a programmed game, there are no effing genetics, just code modifiers. You change percentages in a database to get the desired results.

    I always thought it was fishy that they didn’t have a lot of long term purchases for meeroos. We all know the best way to make money is residual income. I thought the need more than food, and website subscriptions to make money. Now I see they plan on making money from starter nests rather than stat modifiers.

    It was fun the first 2 weeks and the meeroos are adorable, the model work on them is great, they are the best looking breedables so far. For the people having a good time I hope you continue to enjoy them 

  4. I think the fun of the game for most of us is that we are discovering more and more about them on our own. Like any company, RL or SL, they have a lot of very vocal customers who will take absolutely anything they say and turn it into a negative circus. Smart marketing people know that unless a company has made a blatant and obvious mistake or have been accused of something that breaks the law (ie Taco Bell being accused of having fake meat), you let the people work it out on their own and continue with the game plan. Even Linden Lab (as much as I hate to admit it) will still stand by and hold their ground about their absolutely awful new viewer. They can’t yet admit that there was a mistake made because they need to follow it through and hope the residents will take to it.

    Malevay Studios hasn’t skipped any steps in their production of this game and the product as a whole. From their logo to the backstory to the genetics to the actual Meeroos themselves, there is so much detail involved and so many rocks to turn over with surprises underneath.

    To me, the goal is clear. They WANT us to figure it out on our on. As far as genetics go, they also know that in time, they will become more clear as pure lines are created. I imagine you have read my blog before about the Meeroos, but if not, I encourage you to read my post on genetics. I, like you, have not had someone explain it to me, but based on things that Catherine Farspire HAS stated, as well as through game play, that is what I’ve deduced from the game. Unlike KittyCats and chickens and horses, this game actually IS a game. And more than just a breeding game, but a game of discovery in a way other breedables never were. It is because of this that Meeroos WILL outlast other breedables.

    I understand the frustration, especially if previous breedables were more laid out on the table for you, but I think if everyone understood that this is exactly what the plan was, we be able to relax a bit more and just enjoy the ride! 🙂

  5. “Referring people to Wikipedia to read up on genetics is just rude and ridiculous. This is a programmed game, there are no effing genetics, just code modifiers. You change percentages in a database to get the desired results.”

    I take issue with this statement, because I promise you I spent a full month of the development cycle implementing and fine tuning a DNA simulator that is very much based upon Mendelian genetics.


  6. I’ve never bred dogs, cats, chickens, goats, turtles, horses or any other breedable in Second Life. So any reference to this is a complete non-sequitur. I have only done meeroos, and the game is essentially non-existent. If you want to “discover” something, you can buy two chests a week and sell rares at markets after coaxing them for your tome. This is absolutely no long term strategy for income and it is killing people who went in to breed – the poor little fawns and winecoats are essentially unsalable unless they have a size attribute or a rare trait.

    That’s how this game is played. It’s not what I signed up for, so I have sold almost all my rares (which I managed to breed myself, thank you – but only by buying extra nests on the open market) by now. Oh don’t pity me really, because I’ve not lost a dime on it! I did the correct thing and got out of the tulip market early. I have however, learned some valuable lessons about the people running this animal show.

    From what I have heard about the other breedables, the Meeroos are indeed different, but I would argue if its actually better. I don’t think it is. I think its worse, especially if you were going in for the breeding or leaderboard/regard aspects of the game. Regard does absolutely nothing, all claims aside.

    • Awesome! You convinced me not to waste my L’s as I was going to buy a nest and am at Roo right now. I’ve written to Malevoy numerous times and they have not anwered one single notecard or IM. I thought it might have been me, but as long as it’s them, I’m cool with my Zooby moneky as I’m not looking for a game to play. Just an adorable pet for companionship.

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