The Returning – by Marcus Inkpen

The greatest thing that SL does is bring people from different walks of life together to share experiences and ideas. One of these ways is through visual art. Second Life has seen amazing artists come and share their art with the world, who would otherwise be unknown, but because of this great medium are able to create a fan base for their work. Over time though, we have lost a lot of our ‘sim landscaping artists’, due to real life obligations, changes in their environment and a variety of other reasons. What I call sim landscaping artists are slightly different to landscapers. They are artists that take a whole sim and use it as their canvas to portray a feeling, a message; one of the most well known ones was AM Radio. So when I saw a small snapshot of “The Returning” on the destination page I had to go take a look. Marcus Inkpen has created a wonderful and peaceful environment that I truly hope sticks around for a while. Take a wander for yourselves and soak in the environment that Marcus has created.

From the land description:

The Returning
Marcus Inkpen, reknown creator and artist in SL, explores the spiritual connection we once experienced, as an integral part of life, now lost – but lying in wait for our return.



**raw images from second life**







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