The work of Quark Fallen

I recently discovered the work of Quark Fallen and instantly fell in love. There’s a romanticism to his work that suits my tastes perfectly. As you explore his art, you become enamoured with the beauty of the world as he sees it through his eyes. Be sure to also join his group, as he is very generous and loves to send out lil pressies to his group members as well.

I’ll let his work speak for itself.

arbres obscur

QF-arbres obscurs



Chateau– a place for lovers, where you are able to rent time there and spend quality time with the person you love. (was 50L for 30 min)




Erdbeeren An enchanted place to share with friends and animals. (be sure to check all the food, as most of it is available for sale for FREE!)

QF-Erdbeeren 1

QF-Erdbeeren 2

Thank you Quark for showing your magical world with us!


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